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Untie the Ribbon

Unwrapping God’s Gifts In Your Life

When you receive a beautiful gift, a special gift, or a gift that takes you by surprise, you first have to unwrap it to discover what’s hidden inside. God’s gifts are like that. As you “untie the ribbon” you’ll uncover gifts you’ve taken for granted, along with new ones you want to explore. Your life is shaped not only by what you let go, but what you let in. Jean’s stories will help you unwrap His gifts to open your mind, heart and spirit, receive His grace and blessings, and let them overflow into your life and into the lives of others.

What Jean’s readers are saying:

“Jean, I love the concept of this book! It’s so true that we often don’t recognize our own gifts because we take them for granted. ‘It’s just who we are.’ And I’ve found that many women don’t think they have any gifts! Your book will change so many lives. May the Lord continue to bless your every endeavor.”

Glenna Salsbury, Christian speaker
Author of The Art of The Fresh Start

“I just finished your book and feel like every chapter was written just for me. The Holy Spirit was by your side as you wrote every word, and I felt God’s presence as I read every word. I’ve learned so much about the gift of forgiveness. We must forgive others if we are ever to be forgiven. What perfect timing for this awesome book!”

“I am enjoying your book as my personal retreat! I’ve had some very trying times lately. While I’ve trusted the Lord to help me rise to the challenges, your book reminds me that I do have the Gift of Choice and how I choose to respond.”

“I love this book! Every chapter is so relevant and timely. I especially like the chapter on forgiveness. Sometimes it’s so hard for us to forgive ourselves, but that may be the one thing we need to do in order to find real peace.”

“I enjoyed every sentence, page and paragraph! You have truly been blessed and graced by God with the gift to open minds and hearts, whether you’re speaking to us in person or writing your words of wisdom in your books.”

“Your book is amazing! You have written about the challenges we all face every day. It’s so true that God has a plan for each of us and that we must cooperate with Him and allow Him to work in our lives as He sees fit. Thank you for sharing the gifts of your humor and insight. You’re a natural!”

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