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“Your accolades are well deserved. God has given you a wonderful gift
and great talent. We are so glad you are using it to serve Him.”

Choose from Jean’s most popular programs for your next Retreat, Women’s Morning of Reflection or as a conference Keynote. You can be assured that she will deliver fresh insights and ideas, inspiration and encouragement, laughter and joy. As a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister and friend, Jean connects with women of every age and at every stage of life. Then she helps them open their minds and hearts to recognize and value what they all have in common – no matter how different or diverse they are.

Refueling Your Spirit When You’re Running on Empty

In this session Jean gives women a chance to catch their breath and take a break from their busy lives in the safe and caring environment she creates with her refreshing, heartfelt message. All of us feel “empty” at times, especially when we’re feeling tired, stressed, overwhelmed, alone, frustrated, angry, sad or even hopeless. It might be because of a person or recent event, or simply where we are on our journey at the moment. Jean’s “7 Step Plan to Refuel Your Spirit” empowers women with the courage and confidence they need to face their daily fears, anxieties and worries with faith, hope and trust.

The steps in her plan are interconnected with faith as the foundation. Jean’s message is truly about knowing who we are and being in right relationship with God so that we know the plan and purpose He has for our lives. Blending generous doses of humor with her message she challenges us to make good choices, take care of ourselves in mind, body, heart and spirit, and identify our God given talents and abilities so we can use them in service to others. Jean’s personal stories about how her faith has helped her during difficult times provide inspiration and encouragement for women of all ages – from 21 to 101.

“I went to your session tired and worn out, and left with a bounce in my step and a smile in my heart.”

Finding the Fabulous Woman Within

You know she’s in there somewhere … that remarkable and extraordinary woman God created when He made you. But she often gets lost in the cares and chaos of everyday life. No matter who we are, how old we are, where we live or what we do, our lives ARE filled with challenges. But why should that surprise us? Nowhere in the Bible does God promise us a perfect life on earth. What He does promise is everlasting life with Him, and He promises to be with us as we make our way on our journey.

Although we can’t be in charge of everything that happens to us, we CAN make choices every day that dramatically impact our lives and our relationship with our Lord. Jean blends Scripture with stories to help you to handle life’s challenges with faith, wisdom, courage and a sense of humor. Whether you’re married or single, career focused or retired, raising your children or caring for your aging parents (or both!) this program has a valuable message for you. Jean guarantees it will make you think, make you laugh, and renew you in spirit, mind, heart and soul – especially on those days when you’re not exactly feeling fabulous!

“You can always gauge the ‘enjoyability’ of a speaker by the number of times you check
your watch. When Jean Gatz is speaking, you don’t even realize you’re wearing a watch!”

Seeing God in “Imperfect” People

We know that God loves every person He’s created. Knowing that, however, have you ever wondered: “Who ARE some of these people? Why did God put so many of them in my life? And why are most of them my relatives?” All humor aside, living and working with other “imperfect” people can cause us to feel frustrated, impatient and stressed. Translation: What you’re really thinking is “Why can’t they just be more like me?”

God made us all in His image and likeness. While you don’t have the power to change an “imperfect” person, you can learn to adapt the ways you communicate and interact with them to deepen your understanding of “where they’re coming from.” Maybe they’re feeling angry or frustrated or sad or lonely or afraid. Sound familiar? Ever been there? Or maybe they need an encourager to listen…to be present… to understand. Could that encourager be you? God wants us to be in safe and healthy relationships. He also wants us to be aware of our own attitudes and behaviors that may be contributing to our problems with other “imperfect” people. Jean blends her gentle humor with insights and real-life stories to help you see Christ—even in those people who are getting on your last nerve.

“I will change my attitude about working with difficult people. Thank you!”

Building a Balanced Life with God at the Center

Have you ever had a day when your life wasn’t going exactly as planned? Maybe it was more like a week… a month… or a year! You’re feeling pulled in a dozen directions at once. Small problems become big problems. You’re so busy meeting others’ needs that there’s no time for YOU! How are you supposed to create a balanced life when you hardly have time to breathe? Weaving God’s word together with original humor and personal life experiences, Jean shows you that Balance really isn’t about what goes on outside of you, but what goes on inside.

We can’t be in charge of everything that happens to us, but we CAN be in charge of how we choose to respond to life’s events. God has given us the gift of free will. So we have two choices. We can choose to whine and complain and give up. Or we can choose to trust, pray and look up, as we ask God for help and guidance. Jean’s message brings women together as friends – whether old or young, married or single, empty nesters or young parents, retired or career focused. You’ll laugh while you learn how to bring Balance – and JOY – into your life, and to take care of yourself in mind, body, heart and spirit.

“Jean understands the challenges we face every day. She formed a bond
with us and delivered her message with wisdom, humor and truth.”

Clean Out “the Junk Drawer” in Your Mind and Heart

Most of us can admit to having at least one junk drawer at work or at home. And we have every intention of cleaning it out… one day! We often have another “junk drawer” in our minds and hearts – filled with self-doubt, anger, fear, frustration, guilt, anxiety, sadness and other emotions that make us feel less than whole, inadequate and unworthy.

If we could control the quality of every relationship and the direction in which we wanted our lives to go, none of us would choose to have a “less than perfect” life. But we don’t always get to choose what life sends our way. We DO get to choose to ask God to intervene, guide our choices and help us create a better life. Making the choice to assess our beliefs, attitudes and behaviors is the first step. The second and more difficult step is taking the actions necessary to make that choice a reality. And that’s where God comes in to help when and where we need Him. The results are definitely worth the effort: peace of mind, better performance at work and at home, healthy and respectful relationships and a new outlook on life as we redirect our energy to make God our center and to concentrate on the people and things that matter most.

“You have a rare gift for combining humor and real-life experiences
with common sense ideas we sometimes forget in our busy lives.”

Have Yourself a Stress-Free Little Christmas… and Life!

“The holidays” can evoke feelings of excitement, anticipation and joy… along with thoughts of over-commitment, added stress, not enough time and not enough money. Sound familiar? Do you eagerly await the start of the holidays and then count the days until they’re over and your life can get back to normal? Even with our best intentions, it’s tempting to get caught up in “the holiday experience trap” and all it brings. We get so busy meeting others’ needs that we sacrifice the very things we need to survive: rest, relaxation, healthy food, exercise, time for ourselves and time with the people special to us.

It’s easy to get distracted and lose sight of “the reason for the season” – the celebration of the birth of our Lord. In this entertaining and fun-filled session Jean shares 12 special “Gifts” you can give yourself – and they require no shopping, spending, wrapping, cooking, serving or decorating! You’ll laugh until your sides hurt as Jean shares her hilarious holiday stories and the lessons we all can use to stress-proof our hurried, harried and hectic lives. Discover simple yet rewarding ways to enjoy your holidays and your LIFE, as you use God’s grace to focus on the people and relationships that really matter – not just at Christmas, but all year long!

“I’ve never received as many compliments on a speaker as I did following
your presentation. Thanks for making me look so good as the Chair of our event!”

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