Kleenex or Red Sock Moments?

Have you ever started to transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer – only to discover that you forgot to check the pockets and pieces of shredded Kleenex are now attached to everything? When that happens to me, I sigh…and then remind myself that it could be worse. There could have been a red sock mixed in with those whites, and now everything would be pink! I know this because it’s happened to me… more than once.

Life can be like that. When minor problems arise, our “Kleenex moments” can leave us feeling irritated, annoyed, or frustrated. We all have our “red sock” moments too… serious issues that leave us feeling angry, worried, or afraid when we face setbacks, people disappoint us, or bad things happen to us or someone we care about.

As I’ve shared in numerous posts, you may not get to choose what (or who) life sends your way. But you do get to choose how you will manage it. What changes can you make in how you handle a stressful situation or a difficult person? What can you do to create more peace and harmony in your relationships and your life in general?

We’ve all experienced perfect moments too – joyful moments that lift our spirits, make us smile, and give us hope. But it’s easy to get so focused on the “red sock” moments that we often don’t take time to count our blessings. When’s the last time you counted yours? Acknowledging and appreciating what is good about your life are important steps in Taking Care of YOU!


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