Re-Writing Your Life Script (7/22/22)

We recently had the thrill of attending Hamilton at the Saenger Theater in New Orleans. Since this wasn’t a typical play I prepared by reading all the lyrics, along with an article titled “Hamilton for dummies.” Very helpful! And the play was amazing!

I’ve found that a good movie, like a good play, gives me a chance to be transported to another world – one that’s usually more exciting than the one I inhabit. Have you ever sat in a movie theater, lost in the drama, action or romance and asked, “Why can’t that be me?” Don’t be discouraged. As 4-year-old Caroline reminds me, “JeJe, movies are just pretend.”

On the way home from a recent movie I started thinking about my life at this point in time. What would it look like and be like if I had written my own script? Wait a minute! I’ve been doing that since I was about 9 years old. And so have you!

In fact, we each work from our own life script – our plan for how WE think our lives should unfold and proceed. The key word here is think – because life doesn’t always unfold like we think it should. We may not be in charge of everything that happens to us, but we ARE in charge of what we think about it and how we choose to respond. Our life script definitely reflects our personality and how we view our world.

Can you imagine the confusion and chaos if actors in the same movie or play were all reading from different scripts? Or what if one character kept rewriting and changing everyone’s lines without their permission? You may have some “characters” like that in your life now.

Certain people may try to rewrite your script for you, often without your input or permission. That’s actually a polite way of saying they want to run your life for you. They’re also the ones who keep comparing you to others they deem more successful. And doesn’t that make you feel special?

When you’re ready to write – or re-write – your own script you’ll have to take charge. You will need to become the main character – the STAR – not in a selfish, egotistical way but in a way that enables you to live your life the way YOU want to live it. It’s never too late to rewrite … because it’s never too late to start Taking Care of YOU!


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