Are You “Invisible” at Work?

JG-Standout-PPT-graphics-2-150x150by Motivational Keynote Speaker Jean Gatz

“Management doesn’t see me as a valuable  team player. What can I do to change that?”

This is the #1 question after my keynotes and workshops on “10 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd.” Here’s my response. “There’s no doubt that you have value. But HAVING value and DELIVERING value are different. Keep in mind that what you think you’re worth and what others think you’re worth may not be the same. So you must find ways to add value every day.”

Demonstrating added value on the job means using every opportunity to exceed expectations of management, coworkers and customers. Decision makers are often overwhelmed with the demands of their own jobs, so they’re not always aware of every employee’s positive contributions to add value. Unfortunately, it’s the negative things that get their attention.

So it’s up to YOU to make sure that the positive, creative and productive things you do beyond your specific job description are not overlooked. Most employees realize the importance of documenting their accomplishments. But they’re often uncomfortable letting others know about the ideas they’ve generated, the customers they’ve impressed, the great changes they’ve initiated, and the people they’ve helped.

They can still hear those voices from the past saying “Don’t brag. No one will like you if you blow your own horn.” While it’s true that no one likes a braggart, a bit of healthy self-confidence and the ability to “sell yourself” can help position you as a valuable team player.

The time has passed when anyone can come to work, do an average “meeting standards” job, and go home. That simply won’t cut it anymore. A positive attitude, a creative mind, a commitment to high performance, and the willingness to go the extra mile to achieve “standards of excellence” are now expected of every employee at every level.

Adding value doesn’t necessarily mean you must increase your already busy workload, arrive earlier, skip lunch, or stay later. It does mean that you need to see yourself as a total package of skills, talent, personality, work ethic and effort – and commit to using your strengths to their best advantage in each of these areas.

What have you done lately to stand out from the crowd in a positive way? Share your ideas on my blog page at or on my LinkedIn or Facebook pages. For more ideas watch this short video clip.


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