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Jean Gatz Standout Strategiesby Motivational Keynote Speaker Jean Gatz

Are you good at Math? It’s definitely not one of my strong suits. In fact, I’m convinced that my Algebrateacher gave me a passing grade – out of pity and fear. I didn’t “get” equations, and if I failed (as I should have) I might end up in his class for another semester. But there’s one equation that I DO understand very well – because I created it. I call it the 3-part Success Equation:  Strengths + Skills + Self Improvement = Success!  And part  one is your STAND OUT tip for this month:  Leverage your Strengths.

No matter who you are or what you do, utilizing your strengths to your best advantage is one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make. In fact, you and your organization should capitalize on your strengths at every opportunity. It’s not only a cost-effective strategy, but it helps create a team of people who truly enjoy their jobs and excel at whatever they do.

Your strengths come naturally, give you immense satisfaction and create confidence in your abilities. No wonder it feels great to focus on them! It’s almost impossible NOT to feel successful, happy and “inspired” when you’re putting them to good use. So the first question to ask is: WHAT ARE YOUR STRENGTHS?

When I ask audiences in my keynotes and workshops to make a list of their strengths, many of them struggle with this task. It’s much easier for them to list all the things they can’t do, wish they could do, don’t do, are afraid to do, or have done wrong.

While no one likes a show-off, acknowledging your strengths has nothing to do with bragging and boasting. It involves taking a realistic look at your gifts and talents to make sure you’re using them to accomplish your personal and professional goals.  So…what are YOUR strengths? In what areas do you excel? Make a list. Write them down. Then ask others for their feedback. You’ll be surprised at the strengths others may see in you that you may not see in yourself.

Or maybe you take your strengths for granted because they come easily, so you assume that everyone can do what you do. But that’s not always the case. Although I can speak in front of thousands and write books with ease, I could never excel at some of the jobs my friends have because we don’t share the same strengths. In fact, I would be a total failure!

Everyone has different strengths that contribute to who they are. If you can’t identify them and integrate them into your personal and professional life, you’ll never get to where you want to be. And no one else will take notice of them either.

As a leader it’s important to know that people’s strengths come to the surface in safe, healthy and trusting environments. So if you want to develop and sustain a successful team in which people perform to the best of their abilities, then you must help create an environment in which they have the incentive to bring their very best to the table.  That’s how you and your organization will STAND OUT from the Crowd.

I’ll continue writing about the 3-Part Success Equation in my weekly blog this month. If you want to learn how to develop the skills you’re lacking, or how to turn your liabilities into abilities, sign up for my blog here so you don’t miss anything!

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